The Unmapped Country: The Work and Life of Ann Quin
The first critical study of the work and life of the British experimental author, Ann Quin. 

The Short Stories of Ann Quin
Edited collection of the unpublished stories of Ann Quin.

Media and Literary

Interview with Zadie Smith
The White Review [read an extract here]
No. 15, December, 2015

Voices in Your Head
March 2015

Guardian (print & digital)
23 August 2014

Music and Literature
August 2014

The White Review 
Spring 2013

The Future of British Fiction (with Patricia Waugh)
Review of Contemporary Fiction
No. 3 (2013)

Review of Contemporary Fiction 
No. 3 (2013)

Afterword to King of a Rainy Country by Brigid Brophy
Coelacanth Press, 2012

Review of C by Tom McCarthy
Review of Contemporary Fiction 
No. 3 (2010).

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