Monday, September 15, 2008


Appleby Horse Fair, Dave Thomas

... and hello from my desk, a corner of our front room that's currently pretending to my office, and where I can be found - intermittently - ploughing through research assignments, attempting to summon a PhD proposal from the depths of my psyche and half-heartedly making peace with the city of Norwich (Fine City, I love you, but you're bringing me down) as my final days here rattle through at a pace that's something like fast-slow-fast-fast-fast-slow.

Appleby Horse Fair, Dave Thomas

I'm peering above the parapet to direct you to photographer Simon Robert's response to my look at his work-in-progress We English. That is, if you're interested in two Englishness pervs hashing out the finer points of the concept of nostalgia. And to urge you to look at the archive of Northeastern film and photography collective Amber who are pretty much too wonderful to write about (although I'll give it a go in the next few days, no doubt). Go look!

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