Sunday, January 25, 2009


Újlipótváros is fast becoming my favourite district of Budapest. Its grids loosely overlook Margit Sziget and shade from rough n' ready to elegant and genteel as you edge closer to Parliament.

Lehel Csarnok

This marvellous place wasn't giving up its secrets too readily on my fly-past. Google tells me it's a market hall, built in controversial style to resemble a ship.

What lies beyond Nyugati Station.

Construction work in Budapest works something along the lines of the painting of the Forth Bridge. From eight onwards on weekdays, the street of the VIIth (and indeed most other districts) are hemmed by chaps in overalls toting minature coffees and dragging on strong fags. Clearly here they'd knocked off in a hurry.

The weather here seems to have turned on a sixpence: after an early January of -7 degree maximums the last few sunny, smoggy days have me convinced that spring has sprung. It's doubtful - freezing February will surely bite me on the bum - but for now, ice cream (that's fagylalt) seems close.

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