Monday, February 16, 2009


...Before our buildings went up with vectors shamphered, plate glass smoothed, lighting recessed.

For a time in the early nineties new corporate and civic architecture had Duplo-bright exoskeletons and superplastic panelling coloured through in a palette of crayons. There are still remnants of this kind knocking around the UK in suburban business parks and less affluent parts of the town centre, though they look pretty bashful at being overdressed next to their mausoleum-in-smoked-glass counterparts.

Budapest's Lehel Csarnok, which I gather is locally thought of as something of an abomination (which well, it pretty marvellously is), is this stuff in excelsis:

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Phoebe said...

ah, duplo-bright exoskeletons! yes, very french in my mind... like "Formula 1" motels, or Louise's new-town flat in Rohmer's ''Full Moon in Paris''

I like your blog!