Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The uncanny has, as it were, been domesticated as yet another version of "an ethic" of better living through ambiguity, the ethic that of course continues to underwrite a wide range of literary studies.
- Mark Seltzer, "The Graphic Unconscious: A Response"

I was there during the Great Uncanny Goldrush of the mid-noughties, and for this diffident taught postgraduate in search of a lexicon with which to talk about "what makes weird stuff weird", that thing "The Uncanny" was a gift. It made "woooargh" legit. I'm still here, five years later, though, 'cos it's not quite as simple as that. That's the thing, with chasing the ball over the hill - you can't catch it, no, but neither is it enough to just stand there and point as it rolls away.

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